Hormone Imbalance Symptoms & Hormone Balancing Therapy

Prevent Aging with Hormone Balancing

Many factors can contribute to conditions and diseases that can occur at any stage in life
as result of hormone imbalance in women.

Are you moody, exhausted, irritable, have a low sex drive, not sleeping well? Do you suffer from chronic headaches, bloating,
and keep on gaining weight? All these symptoms indicate that you are probably suffering from a hormonal imbalance and need hormone balancing.
The first step on a journey toward greater understanding of your body and hormone imbalance symptoms you are experiencing is to understand what hormones really are.

Hormones are:

  • Chemical messengers that our body produce
  • Communicate with our organs and with each other
  • Keep a constant balance designed to make you happy and healthy

Hormone balancing also plays major roles in overall body functions such as maintenance of immunity, fighting infection, controlling blood sugar, reducing risk of heart attack and stroke, as well as reducing risk of cancer. Hormones also play a large role in proper sleep habits.

Some of the hormone imbalance symptoms are:

  • Low sex drive
  • Premenstrual and menopausal symptoms
  • Chronic fatigue,
  • Body and muscle aches
  • Lack of energy and drive

The rapid changes in hormone imbalance in women should not be blindly attributed to the “aging process” or “depression”. Your inability to lose weight likely lies in your body chemistry and not lack of “willpower”. You are likely feeling a combination of gradual hormone imbalance symptoms brought on by stress, activity, diet, and medications in addition to aging.

You may find that traditional and conventional medical care providers fail to address these changes in hormone imbalance in women that we associate with the natural progression of aging.

These changes are best addressed and treated with a physician who is educated and experienced in the principles of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine, such as Dr. Samra-Latif Estafan.

Dr. Samra-Latif Estafan’s goal is to help you better understand why you feel this way by looking carefully at your body’s fragile hormone balance. At the first visit Dr. Samra-Latif Estafan will review your comprehensive symptom history to best understand what is bothering you most. At the end of your first visit, blood/saliva testing of your reproductive, adrenal,
and/or thyroid hormones may be recommended as can food allergy testing. Treatment options implement a holistic strategy that may include bioidentical hormones, dietary changes, detoxification, and nutraceuticals.

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