Services After a consultation and physical exam we can decide what type of testing may provide information to guide your care. Below are a list of tests available.
• Comprehensive cholesterol evaluation/ VAP testing
• Well child exams
• Annual physicals
• PAP testing and Mammogram referrals
• Bone density referrals
• Heavy metal exposure testing
• Intestinal parasite evaluation (Genova labs)
• Evaluations for intestinal parasites
• Screening for intestinal malabsorption
• Testing for Candida overgrowth
• Delineation estrogen metabolism as it pertains to breast cancer risk
• Testing for common environmental pollutants and pesticides
• Mold sensitivity testing
• Assessment of intracellular vitamins and nutrients to individualize patients supplement regimes
• Adrenal function analysis (salivary)
• Hormonal evaluation and support
• Treatment of menopausal and peri menopausal symptoms
• In depth thyroid function analysis
• Optimal vitamin d repletion
• Non pharmacological therapy for hypertension and hyperlipidemia when indicated
• Neurotransmitter evaluation and targeted nutritional therapy for ADD, depression and anxiety
• Weight loss support and body fat percentage analysis
• Laser hair reduction, photo rejuvination and treatment of superficial leg veins.
• Weight loss
• Weight loss wraps
• Hormone pellet insertion
Services not offered
• Childhood vaccinations
• Prescription chronic pain medications
• Disability or workers comp evaluations

Supplements available from Douglass Laboratories, OrthoMolecular Products, Master Supplements, Nordic Naturals, Designs for Health, Xymogen, and Standard Process